Darkened Doorway

Why have you darkened my doorway?
What is it that you must say?

Disturbed me from my thoughts.
Welcome here, you are not.

I was busy solving a riddle.
Before you came to piddle,

And distract me with your need.
How I wish you’d just proceed,

Upon your merry way,
For my peace has been delayed.

I was immersed in a place,
Of serenity and grace.

Running fingers through my hair,
On the edge of wooden chair,

Staring down at the page.
Can’t you see I am engaged?

About to find a solution.
It was nearing elocution.

On the cusp of articulation.
This is an abomination!

I think that thought is lost.
Unknown will be the cost,

Of this little disruption.
My rage nears an eruption.

Now with you I am involved.
My riddle swinging unresolved.

In my doorway you still stand . . .
. . . And yet, things rarely go as planned.

My thought has been displaced,
But I do adore your face,

And pleasantries of your manner.
Oh, it’s tough to be a planner,

With you wandering about.
Your presence is throughout.

Try to get something done.
Now a new thing has begun.

Can I harness such disorder?
As you encroach upon my border?

Is this not the way it goes?
Always woken from our doze.

Disturbed by something new.
All the times we’ve been through.

Much of it unexpected.
Maybe this is all connected!

Echoes of the past,
And fracases that last.

The spark of revolution,
And even evolution.

Your mouth moving in a gird,
But I don’t hear a single word.

The shift of life’s direction.
I’m amidst an inflection.

I was deep within my own,
Before your beauty here has shown.

A disruption so profound,
Saving me from an impound.

In pain and shackled here.
You’ve shown me the way clear.

This new thing I’ve come unto.
Could not have done it without you.

Settling back into that peace.
Moving fore not in the least.

My love for you has swelled,
And now I am propelled.

My journey now continues.
Amazed you have it in you,

To not just deal with my reaction,
But also find some satisfaction.

Life’s unexpected features.
You’re a wonderful creature.

Come back soon as times allow.
Next time, I’ll try to hold the scowl.

© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.