Pendulum’s Swing

An imbalance in the expression of divine will.
Happened often, and it happens still.

In this world of black and white.
All that is, also not quite.

Dual nature of this land.
Once you see, you understand.

Within trash finding treasure.
Within gloom finding pleasure.

Where and how, not always known.
Only part is ever shown.

Sometimes it becomes too much.
Invites suffering and such.

Push the limits and maybe more.
What went ‘back’ will next go ‘fore.’

Balance marks the foundation.
Build upon new creation.

Centered for only minutes.
Nature’s off to find new limits.

Crumbling to the other side.
Taking many for a ride.

And this the way it will go.
What went ‘to’ will next go ‘fro.’

Many try to protest it.
Might be best to accept it.

Fore that swing returns burning.
Safest at point of turning.

On the edge or in middle.
Some answers to the riddle.

From below, we sit and stare.
How is it we get up there?

This movement, it never ends.
But many ways to transcend.

This display that we saw.
This, my friends, is the law.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.