Meaning in the Challenge

Problems have befallen now.
Found their way to you somehow.

Pity from one and many.
Reasons to give in, plenty.

Good in this is hard to see.
Settled in to ‘woe is me.’

That is how to make it worse.
Obstacle becomes a curse.

Hell is a bottomless pit.
Getting down won’t help a bit.

This challenge, we can confide.
Is a coin that has two sides.

This trouble is not ideal.
Better soon will be revealed.

But only if you allow.
Favor on you’s been endowed.

As your hope has been weaning.
Time to take up new meaning.

You are stuck here either way.
Dress up your hell, enjoy the stay.

You cannot know what’s in store.
On this you’ll find there’s much more.

More to you than has been seen.
As you are caught in between.

Upon your soul it will feast.
Must unleash that inner beast.

Making this potential yours.
This is how you will endure.

And in time you too will thrive.
What it means to be alive.

Far more to this than it seemed.
This a means to be redeemed.

Challenge hath befallen thee.
Use that now to be set free.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.