Sifting narratives of mind.
It’s advent in humankind.

Creation hasn’t ended.
Existence ever blended.

In a manner sometimes cruel.
In the way that Earth is ruled.

No one is absolute.
One and all hold the fruit.

All manner of conception.
The world is a perception.

Perceived word to be unkind.
Inner chaos to unwind.

Putting it back together.
Reach the end, we can never.

In praise of the immortal,
I stumbled on a portal.

To escape the world of sin.
Once beyond, and deep within.

Many reasons often hide.
With the deity inside.

Present even in the dark.
Revealed often as a spark.

It’s visage soon dispenses.
Once perceived by the senses.

But it seems there’s always more.
It’s a never ending store.

What is this exactly?
Such questions can’t distract me.

For I have become involved.
Hearts’ enigmas get resolved.

Reverence to what I see.
It’s the spirit within thee.

In the distance, hear it sing.
Inside every living thing.

Piece of life there perfecting.
Liberty worth protecting.

Against ideals dogmatic.
For freedom lives emphatic.

Upon which a life is based.
It can never be replaced.

This is the sovereign’s call.
It’s the center of it all.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.