Your Awakened Will

We’ll inspire something more.
It’s your way that we adore.

Energized from such great length.
Rejection only gives us strength.

See you plodding through obliv.
Wonders of the way you live.

What you’re wanting is right there.
Upon your face, it does stare.

So much heat and so much noise.
And distractions of your toys.

Holler even louder still.
Someday soon we think you will,

Hear us, for we’re part of you.
Help in what you want to do.

Guide you gently to the flow.
Many ways this can go.

Hardened in learn-ed defense.
Marvel how you are so dense.

Here whenever you’re ready.
Loyalty ever steady.

We know why, and you know how.
Happens all as you allow.

Portage to there has been stirred.
For you and we are the word.

From the start and ever still.
We are your awakened will.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.