Defined By Pain

Defined By Pain

Found my way out of that pain.
Memories pulled me back again.

Barrassment, shame and much scorn,
Weaved my own crown of thorn.

Burdens of living piled on.
Thought these things were long gone.

Back upon the road once more.
Left that which I came here for.

In that place I cannot stay,
But it never goes away.

Staying put or travels wide,
This thing remains tucked inside.

Once inside it’s deathly trough.
Found it and I cut it off.

It grew back and multiplied.
Took me for another ride.

Once I get delivered from.
Seems there’ll be another one.

Struggle to define my years.
On the back of deepest fears.

Predator shall be my prey.
Embracing pain is the way.

Since this struggle has no end.
I will make the pain my friend.

Til my body’s old and frail.
Then my spirit will prevail.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.