Embrace This Season

Woken to a face of old.
Bones and body shivered cold.

Naked branches, sagging flesh.
Longed for when it was more fresh.

That body was a distraction.
Leaves stole the show with their action.

Vanity has been picked clean.
But what’s left is evergreen.

As the mind now comes to fore.
Body drags it ‘round no more.

All those things it used to do.
Now it can’t, so come unto,

Imagining bitter ends.
Not many days left to spend.

Passing time with quality,
Pondering morality.

Transforming to what is next,
As my nature intersects,

These crossroads for goodness sake.
Will to meaning never breaks.

Freedom will be found in death.
Ready for that final breath.

All shackles then be broken.
Hold on life but a token,

That was cashed once and again.
It stole my days where and when,

It kept me in detention.
Bounded by apprehension.

Now I’m feeling far more free.
Youth no longer beguiles me.

This flame, my friends is everlasting,
Though winter of this life is passing.

Yes, my body has been swindled,
But the mind can still rekindle.

Frosted sun’s about to set.
How I hope I don’t forget,

The thing I thought that I am,
Was in some respects a sham,

Rather a fleeting moment.
Grateful for that bestowment.

Now to stand in truer glory.
Commence yet another story.

Swaying trees in the squally.
Giggling at pasts of folly.

Written now, but started then.
I’ll seize what’s left with this pen.

The best old bag this world has seen.
Embrace this season’s what I mean.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.