From A Single Thought

Commenced with a single thought.
Not a place where it is naught.

Threaded through the myst of space.
Its affects are everyplace.

On a child, in the sea,
And where else it meant to be.

To transmute from base to gold,
There’s a story to behold.

I felt down and I felt low.
Life was moving way too slow.

Stuck and mourning way too long,
Torn by how things had gone wrong.

That loss hit like some attack,
Wanted my deceased friend back.

I searched and searched for that base,
Restlessly, it was a race.

Felt like I could not go fore,
Unless I found something more.

Came across a stretch of silence.
My head was turned from its violence.

In that quiet, I did see,
A center that dwells in me.

From that point I looked outside,
But what took me for a ride,

There was future there was past,
It was moving lightning fast.

So fast that it seemed like one,
All becoming never done.

It also bore deep within,
This idea was everything.

It was scary but felt safe.
All I’d known began to chafe,

Then splinter and finally crack.
Was all so new to be back,

To this place from whence I came.
It’s a truth I can’t explain.

‘Tresting thing about this find,
It all occurs within mind.

Search for that which to transmute,
In the mind it all bears fruit.

From all to one this is prime,
All existence intertwined.

Creation looks back at me.
Each startled at what we see.

We stand in some illusion.
Construct of vast collusion.

Awakened I’m not the same,
But to speak of it brings shame.

For the words all seem shorted,
and meanings get distorted.

What exists beneath the fold,
Is something each must behold,

For themselves in their own time.
I walked alone at once through mine.

Awakened now to this dream,
Not much, friend, is what it seems.

Inside the dream it’s all real.
With that thought I start to heal.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.