The Incessant Battle I

Get into a frame of mind.
Place to which you were once blind.

Is it a state, plane or way?
Which term, to you, holds more sway?

Words a means of connection,
to some feelings in reflection.

What about a certain mood?
This is where it’s getting good!

There’s mind and there’s emotion
It’s a feature in this ocean,

Of humanity and its movement.
Awareness seems to bring improvement,

To the complex of our relations.
And what of each one’s expectations?

Project out a future course.
Each one toward a different source,

Or an end, a mode of being.
Many problems now we’re seeing.

All propelled by will and might.
Each convinced that they are right.

If that wasn’t bad enough.
Plights to join them in the rough.

But if you stick to your own path,
You bear the brunt of their wrath,

For the crime of your own way,
As the peace begins to fray.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.