The Incessant Battle II

Wonder why we are at war?
These events happened before.

And they’ll happen yet again.
Will to change it is in vain.

It’s not easy and it’s not pretty.
There is no peace even in pity.

The other side of consolation,
Reveals a new fight’s incarnation.

“Who is it that caused your pain?”
And with that it starts again.

Even bids to squelch the fight,
Are but paths to wars ignite.

Friends, it never goes away.
Opposites all ways at play.

Different ends of the scale.
One side ‘ventually prevails.

Then it leans to an other,
Since days of warring brother.

One was Abel, one was Cain.
They still meet once and again,

In our world and in your soul,
Always taking different roles.

Common feature is this battle.
Serenity’s always rattled.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.