The Incessant Battle III

His presence was too much to bear.
You had not the means to get there.

Envy on that favored son.
You vanquished yet another one.

Your own ideal is what’s slain.
With that there’s not much to gain.

That’s a problem with ideals.
It takes people, swipes them, steals.

What comes next is implicit.
Stolen souls are complicit.

With something not of their own.
Seeking a place to call home.

Instead you get thrust upon,
And moved around like a pawn.

Time to take charge of your own.
Your path is yours all alone.

In this battle of the mind.
Where you are’s not hard to find.

You’re a center of it all.
Your affects are far from small.

But who’s battle will you wage?
For what cause will you engage?

Who is your person’s owner?
Are we not a race of loners?

No two exactly the same.
Each nurturing their own flame.

Yours and its comprehending.
Is that not worth defending?

Sovereignty in what is yours.
Pick your battles, choose your wars.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.