The Incessant Battle IV

Heroes villains victims playing certain parts.
Occupy their place in searing human hearts.

What of good? That’s come from all the war?
Are we not better? Than what we were before?

Are we not more aware? Of what’s right and wrong?
Can we not now see? Its role in this one song?

Occasions from which to rise.
From these acts we all despise.

Through pain, loss and all the killing,
Prophesies have been fulfilling.

Part and whole of things far bigger.
The battle serves as a trigger.

It’s part of nature’s restless spurs.
It’s how the peace all ways defers.

The love runs through to all confines.
On devils too, the sun still shines.

War is peace and peace is war.
Nothing less and nothing more.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.