Lectio Divina

Mystery unveiled unto myself,
Wandering slowly across the shelf.

Absorbed in silence, through words I pray.
Portals of phrases, renders a way.

Some words, they fade, once these eyes pass.
Others, suspend, and seem to last.

Calling from, the depths of a text.
Filling many voids that long have vexed.

Suspending judgment, waiting for truth.
Unfolding soft and ever smooth.

Echoing vastly within my own.
More of the meanings suddenly shown.

Of the creator that pushed the pen.
Written before and speaking again.

The sacred texts, but that is not all.
Words more trivial also do call.

Pictures on screens and driveling drouths.
Even those rolling out of fools’ mouths.

Capturing times, life and the ages.
The word made flesh spills on all pages.

Resonate meanings deep in my soul.
Piece of a puzzle to become whole.

Guided by reason, guided by heart.
Answers, perspectives, knowing imparts.

Minutes hours and days, it might steal.
To me it is worth all that reveals.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.