Hearts of Man

Journey in the hearts of man.
As I try to understand.

What it means to be aware.
To the clouds I sit and stare.

Sitting out here all alone.
Heart that’s nearest is my own.

I immerse myself within,
The many ways that I’ve sinned.

All those times I missed the mark.
‘Nother loved one disembarked.

Discourses that were shorted,
As my words were distorted.

Before making their way through,
From this heart where all was true.

In here there’s no place to hide,
From my pain where I reside.

Skirted truth, what could I do?
Taking the easy way through.

Easy then, on the surface.
Hidden was, greater purpose.

In becoming more aware,
Start to feel how I was scared.

Scared to stand in my own truth.
Mode of being cast in youth.

Was holding on far too tight.
Found my way back here despite.

My efforts to take control.
All along it took some toll.

All the damage that ensued.
Looking deeper for more truth.

Parting from those histories,
Of hiding from mysteries.

Mysteries of this one heart.
Seems like a fine place to start,

To witness in detachment,
As this whole becomes fragment.

Fragment of what it becomes.
Gaining strength from all outcomes.

In the truth, is how I’ll stand.
Never again to remand,

To the taunts, to the fear.
For my maker’s always near.

Letting go of that which weighed.
Moving forward unafraid.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.