Self Dominion

Shame caused him to look away.
Abdication roused dismay.

I wanted to hold him tight.
Let him know that it’s alright.

But a struggle in my own.
From this seedling I had sown.

Image, who he wants to be.
Sees it when he looks at me.

I think he’s stronger, smarter, better.
So, I wrote him a little letter.

Letter seemed to stir some things,
Of what pain his future brings,

And the crossroads he’s upon.
To his burden he was drawn.

He has been asked to decide,
And in me he won’t confide.

Inside he does devour,
With no faith in his power.

Long surpassed that image of he.
The one he says he wants to be.

That is him but so much more.
He’s in battle he’s in war,

With himself and many doubts.
So he’s seeking different routes.

Fears the monster within him.
He’s feeling shame for the sin,

Of turning from that beast, away.
And letting that beast have its way.

A monster of his own creation,
Tormenting him without cessation.

How do I help this young man?
Can I make him understand?

He’s in control, in command.
It’s a charge he can’t remand.

For if he does, the man he’d be,
Will be reduced to but a flea.

And in this world a giant hole,
Matching the one torn through his soul.

All from choosing to be weak.
This is why he does not speak.

My dear son, please take it slow.
That’s no place for you to go.

It’s a long way down the road.
Don’t let distant futures goad,

You into a certain shame.
On your weakness you will blame.

Everyone has such fear.
Hold your strength, keep it near.

Don’t let your thinking parts betray.
Adjure that mind to your own way.

Imagine that you have no fear,
And how it feels to persevere.

Try those thoughts on every day.
Be a predator not a prey.

Thinking not of what you lack.
Feel the thrill of your attack.

Keep this in mind for a start.
Feel the boldness lift your heart.

Feeling steady, what you’ll find.
Your dominion of that mind.

As captain of your own ship,
Future’s firmly in your grip.

And then when the time arrives,
You will stand and you will thrive.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.