Voice Be Found

How do you talk, how do you speak?
How do you find the words you seek?

Trapped in some quiet suspension.
Cast a fool with any mention.

Or a sound that leaves the gates.
What confusion it creates.

Speak some words, but they’re not true,
Those first words that came to you.

Face and body ‘gain betray.
Awkward is the part you play.

Your intentions all seem good.
Yet often, misunderstood.

You contemplate and you think,
Keeping this tenuous link,

Between the other and the one.
An aim for you that’s never done.

The world’s moving way too fast.
Twisting meanings to the last.

So, you stay here all alone.
Fear your words get etched in stone.

None of it is what you mean,
And you get stuck in between,

What you think and what you say.
It’s a price you will not pay.

So, your effort’s ever late.
Struggle to articulate.

And convey what is inside.
A truth you don’t need to hide.

I just want to speak my truth.
That is what I want to do.

Just to speak it unafraid.
I want my truth to pervade.

From my heart unto my voice,
And aligned with my mind’s choice.

Let it all flow like a stream.
Please help me say what I mean.

It is the battle of your day.
To get precise with what you say.

You must hear and you must speak.
Then you’ll find the words you seek.

Only stone with words you’ll find,
Are the ones held in your mind.

Cast those stones and throw them down.
Perhaps that’s where voice be found.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.