Dreaming & Doing

This sharpened man refined.
Harnessed powers of the mind.

Began in but a meager way.
Had not too much to say.

But deep within a raging flame.
Other’s faults he never blamed.

Took it always upon himself.
Read every book on that shelf.

He, this pillar of a nation.
Object of pride and adoration.

Striving for good to his core.
And tapped in to something more.

Before this man turns to go,
Would he reveal what he knows?

Yes, he might, yes, he would.
Not to be misunderstood.

He said, “Who I am may seem like something.”
“But in the end all that is nothing.”

“It’s how you want, it’s how you dream.”
“It’s the unseen things in between.”

“Between most intense desires.”
“From there sparking your own fires.”

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
“If you will, let’s get down to it . . .

Suspend disbelief, let imagination take hold,
Allow some feelings to unfold.

Truth or fantasy is of no mind,
Lower boundaries, see what we find. . .

Imagine you can be whomever you wanted to be, who is it that you see?
What form do you take?
In your mind this isn’t fake.
No rules for you to break.
Unlimited in who you make.

Imagine you can be wherever you wanted to be, where is it that you flee?
Are you in deep space?
To the bottom of the ocean you did race?
Ancient creatures went to face?
Unfettered in your choice of place.

Imagine you can do whatever it is you want to do, what things come to you?
Fly above this world from which you hail?
Gift of sight across the veil?
Reconstruct a time when you failed.
Made so this time you prevailed.

Imagine the impossible was matter of course, harnessed powers of unseen force.
Creating worlds within your mind.
Releasing any perceived bind.
Answers to deep questions you find.
Truth and fiction all in kind.

Feel the power of imagination.
These are the seeds of creation.

Things imagined not true yet.
Yearning for it has now been whet.

These thoughts awaken deep desires.
A sharpened gaze then conspires.

With a what, a whom or how,
I do not know, just allow.

Enjoy that which you are before.
Worry not of what’s in store.

Give and receive all in time.
Joyful wonders of the mind.

Stay on course, always be true.
See what dreams may come to you.”

And with those few parting words.
Rising songs of the birds.

Sun pours in to my room.
Awakened now as feelings swoon.

Who was that man dispensing pearls?
With soaring views of this world?

As a day begins anew.
I will dream, and I will do!

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.