All Pervades All

No matter how hard I try,
Lost unto the weeds am I.

Predicaments getting worse.
Caught in some elusive curse.

But I’ll never let it go.
How to fix it I should know.

So I delve deeper into the mess.
But no solutions I can profess.

Make some changes here alright.
Then more problems do ignite.

Increased prices for me to pay,
And in defeat, I walk away . . .

Such a simplistic endeavor.
Thought that I could put together.

With ears closed to understanding,
Being somehow went remanding.

With that I got too involved.
Missed easy ways to resolve.

Resolutions passed me by.
Looking for a reason why.

With some distance, start to see.
Many reasons come to me.

From where I don’t really know.
To move forward, just let go . . .

Took upon that small of mine,
And with that what did I find?

Found laws that reach the smallest of things.
Found detachment and the light it brings.
Found a man, one that is deeply flawed.
Found my ignorance is far more broad,

Than I once thought from my old place.
Answers stared me in the face.

Right there under my own nose.
No matter which way I chose.

That from which all life it brings.
It underlies everything.

It rests in you and in me.
The essence of all we see.

Each part of immeasurable wholes.
Each part unique in how it goes.

Some will suffer and some will thrive,
These manners of being alive.

Spurred to action by our ends.
Let us walk it courageously my friends.

In many ways it is all one,
Where I end, you have just begun . . .
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.