Sad and dejected what can I say?
Those that I came for have gone away.

Day that was perfect, so much in store.
Of all that I’ve dreamt, all that but for.

I was a victim, yes it was me.
Now I offend, that’s what I see.

How this all has come around.
All this perfection, yet I am bound.

Bound by my wants, bound by my need,
Pushed by these feelings wherever they’ll lead.

They seem to be going in quite a bad fashion.
Embroiled I am, taken by passion.

Should I reject this miserable feeling?
Put my arms down, beaten and kneeling?

Feelings cannot just be put away.
Feelings are not a thing I can slay.

Cannot be bitten if there’s no teeth.
Cannot resolve if its stuffed beneath.

It needs to burn, it needs to hurt.
It’s the best way for me to assert.

Assert my parts that define why.
Assert command, or not even try?

It is a fire, watch how it burns.
Let it fan out and see what I learn.

Constantly finding, consciously meaning,
Comparably leading parts to convening.

Passionate hearts, logical minds.
Stricken together as I’m inclined.

It is a mix that surely won’t last.
Often it’s flavored by wistful pasts.

A little of that, a little of this.
Wander intently through the abyss.

Smoky elixirs, explosive reactions.
Chaotic potential of those attractions.

This is becoming not being done,
This is the all and this is the one.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.