Little Friend

Softly sounding from behind.
Shatters quiet of the mind.

I was absorbed, yes engrossed.
Doing what I was supposed.

Then a feeling at my leg.
Time of mine you come to beg.

So I listen, I’m avail.
Follow the lead of your tail.

Perhaps something I’m to learn.
I go back and you return.

Is there maybe something else?
As our minds begin to melt,

Into one as thoughts collide.
It’s a friend who’s long since died.

Eyes piercing through my being.
Wonder what it is you’re seeing.

Though your stature’s very slight.
You seem rearing for a fight.

It’s a tussle I can win,
Yet your dominance akin.

Ruling on this humble roost.
As more thoughts are introduced.

These arrive without a sound.
Imagery becomes profound.

Simple answers to my struggle.
Skillful ways in which to juggle,

A complex life and other things.
So grateful for this peace you bring.

In the quiet of this time.
All my noise seems to rhyme.

From the wisdom you provide.
Back to napping at my side.

You rest easy, little friend.
Hoping soon we’ll speak again.

Waking from the aforesaid.
Is this some trick of the head?

Talking with this friendly beast?
Courting madness in the least.

Is this a yearning gone adrift?
Perhaps it is and yet, what if?
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.