My mind tells me go,
my heart tells me no,

my past wants to stay,
my future says – get away!

my feeling is weary,
my gut has its theory,

‘bout the matter at hand,
that I don’t understand,

with all of these voices,
expressing their choices,

on such simple matters,
oh how I am scattered,

yes I am in pieces,
to find that which pleases,

on this thing how I seethe,
but who am “I” beneath?

a thing with two hands,
an array of demands,

a spirit, some guts,
a brain that’s gone nuts,

a number of souls,
each playing their roles,

perhaps all these things,
no comfort that brings,

with all these complexities,
explains my perplexity,

a simple decision,
destroyed with precision,

caught in my own trap,
think I need a nap.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.