Painful strikes – out of the blue.
This contempt – seems aimed at you.

Now that you’ve become involved,
Can this trouble get resolved?

You can seethe and clench those fists.
Take your way as you insist.

Little hurt becomes a lot.
It’s endless when your hell hath brought.

Distracting from your best intent.
How simple crudeness gets you bent!

Task of changing hearts and minds.
Are their thoughts yours to define?

Dictating words they might say.
Are such freedoms yours to stay?

These are things out of your hands.
Cannot change it, understand?

A part of this you do control.
Now there’s a place to take some hold!

It is you – and your reaction.
It is grace – despite detraction.

All ways rising to your best.
Re-a-lizing that you’re blessed.

Gift of strife to rise above.
Hold them closer, give them love.

These irksome loved ones that you chose.
Does not manure help make the rose?

For them you’d endure so much more.
Why let these trifles turn to war?

Letting not the vengeance goad.
Walking on a higher road.

Standing tall and staying true.
Those you scorn love you too.

In your reflection they will see.
The kind of soul they want to be.

“You can be bitter or better.”
Profundity of simple letters.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.