You arrived in this world,
And your wings soon unfurled.

Momma pushed you off the edge.
At least that’s what you allege.

At that point you had a choice.
And your own was given voice.

What ensued was but a song.
You didn’t have very long.

With that song you spread your wings.
From upon high all would sing.

As the lentless force of earth.
And thoughts of that precious birth.

Pulled your body and your soul.
It was a sight to behold.

You were falling, flying, free.
Was what you were meant to be.

No matter what that would bring.
You would create many things.

With beauty and determination.
Iconic of your generation.

The feeling is somewhat waning.
Your days, sometimes far more draining.

There, there my pretty little bird.
I know it’s not as you’d preferred.

You were so young and so sprite.
Lived it as you pleased, despite,

The scowl of all those sages.
Defiant of the ages.

Sure you’d meet an early end.
Young and strong to heaven send.

Now you look through wrinkled eye,
As that demise passed you by.

Though young ones push you aside.
Let not such thorns break your stride.

Spritely nature’s not yet passed.
And what’s left surely won’t last.

On to the rest of your days!
Just you see how fine it plays.

You were always aging, dying.
Why was it so gratifying?

Could it be you were distracted,
By all those who were attracted,

By colored flutters of your tail?
And that delightful youthful wail?

The sweet soundings of your songs.
Suitors arriving in throngs.

There’s deeper beauty in the gray.
That’s some of what I’m here to say.

Through those trials much more seasoned.
Life’s revealing far more reasons.

Stepping into being wise.
As those sages once despised.

As before, you have a choice.
Force of nature’s finding voice.

A new way for you to soar.
Always different than before.

It’s a youth no one has stolen.
Just a different way of rolling.

Look upon that larger past.
It’s evolving naught too fast.

Laced with discrepant meaning.
Tales that are ever teeming.

Pushing off another side.
Going for another ride.

All that led you up to now.
Rising higher yet somehow.

Yours is none that could replace.
Show us how to age with grace.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.