A faculty in motion.
To whom lies its devotion?

Mapped the world from front to back.
Seeking new worlds to attack.

Why is this? How can it be?
Why can’t we ever just be free?

Free from worry, free from want,
Free from longing for days long gone.

But we could, yes, we might,
See an end to this fight.

To where then can we be led?
No where soon as we’d be dead.

Peaceful ways to live and thrive.
That isn’t not how we survive.

Peace and freedom’s remedy?
Soon these would be our enemy.

We need the pain, need the trouble.
Avoidance only brings us double.

In always seeking a new mission,
We’re changing freedom’s definition.

Fed by challenge, fed by resistance.
The foundation of our existence.

Never really knowing why.
Not sure we can help but try.

Seems no matter how good it gets,
More struggles seem to let.

Formed by we, made by us,
Always hurting because we . . . thus.

The blessed burden of our kind.
This freedom loving human mind.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.