A Word

Truthful word calm the storm?
Therefrom, what can be born?

Chaos yielding to order’s way?
From thought to word to . . . come what may.

A spoken word, a leap of faith.
Who is the one, the one who saith?

Bold yet fearful angst does grow.
‘Fects of this cause, cannot know.

Perhaps this word brings greater rage,
To make this place a wicked stage.

Or luminate and give men sight.
Begin to end a darkened plight.

The flame, this cross, marks the spot.
Return to what has been forgot.

Who then . . . who, can it be?
All of us, can’t you see?

Each, and every – one.
All those under the sun.

Between the matter and the unseen.
This the place we’ve always been.

Fabric bounds of space and time.
Our reflects of the Divine.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.