I had peace but wanted more.
So, more struggle was in store.

Found a way I’d be betrayed.
Thought of it had me dismayed.

But now it’s here and I’m fine.
Losing what I thought was mine.

Were those of mine, were those my own?
Am I without, am I alone?

Those gifts, the riches, and the treasures.
Brought bigger life and greater pleasures.

More ways that I had to play.
More I feared they’d steal away.

Take these things, take them again.
These things are not mine my friend.

I once built supposed wealth.
Yet it was taken with such stealth.

Never mention, never mind.
They always leave the best behind.

They left me and my will.
And that will cannot stay still.

It is working as we speak.
Plotting ways to higher peaks.

So, what value’s left behind?
A free, loving, human mind.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.