The Finite

A finitude is the feeling.
Another pain is revealing.

Chink in the armor if you will.
So for today I’m getting still.

Alone and quiet in my thought.
Mortality is being taught.

By a body with some miles.
Ignored it for quite a while.

Within my thought, with some surprise,
“How much longer til my demise?”

Til I leave this life I cherish.
The certainty that I’ll perish.

Not on this day and not right now.
Turning away these thoughts somehow.

I’m living, breathing, I am here.
With little pains and creeping fear.

To reach the last of these miles,
Will it all have been worthwhile?

How deep of souls will I have touched?
With my views, nonsense and such.

What parts of this-o might survive?
What will those souls one day derive?

Does it matter? Can I just be,
Humble master of only me?

To serving as my own ideal.
What platitudes, but are they real?

What of horror, what of good?
What of can, and what of should?

On truth and boldness, played my part.
With twisting mind and burning heart.

There’s much more if time concedes.
But if not, I will proceed.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.