What is this way, this direction?
Cycling, repeat, a reflection.

The sum of all that came before.
Is it myself or something more?

The vanquished foes from in their grave.
The lost loved one, in memory save.

The words arranged on the pages.
The guidance of hidden sages.

Humanity built around thee.
The labors no longer perceived.

What is taken, what is carried?
Once reviled, but soon their married.

Common destiny common fate.
The fabric of the man of late.

A hail from the fore, from the tips.
A grail, a cup, from which it drips.

Vitality that carries on.
Never vanquished and never gone.

From the beginning, from the start.
Living and growing from the heart.

To toss or save is no matter.
It’s destined soo-ner or latter.

Some goes by you, some goes by me.
Much more by what we cannot see.

A great unfolding nonetheless.
In alchemy and coalesce.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.