The Passions

Treading upon a sea that’s rife.
Periled sanity, periled life.

The vibrancy of emotion.
Toss and turn upon this ocean.

Finest of human material.
Once my servant, now imperial.

Governing the night and day.
Once again having its way.

Getting lost in the feeling.
Leaving me weak and reeling.

Lowest of lows, highest highs,
And convenient alibis.

In other words, some excuses.
In quiet ways it seduces.

Revelry upon those times.
But I see my ocean’s crimes.

Passions’ under my command.
Til temptation, til remand.

Obstinate in some feeling.
‘Nother god ‘fore I’m kneeling.

Flammable passions, oh so fine.
They must be governed by a mind.

A mind loving those emotions.
A mind guarding with devotion.

Letting these freedoms, letting sway.
But not letting them go astray.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.