Relative and absolute.
Moves along, follows suit.

There’s no evil, there’s no good.
It is all misunderstood.

It’s half a man having sway.
Taking the whole, gone, away.

Conflicted to the core of man.
Our state of being, understand?

Line right through the mid of each.
Infinite half-truths to reach.

Partial, lacking, incomplete.
For illusion or deceit.

Where’s the other, where’s the rest?
Hidden, there, beneath your vest.

It’s the part that you derive.
It’s a truth, how it arrives.

There’s a brew, there is a mix.
Working fine, no need to fix.

It’s alright and it’s okay.
Simple, easy, clear as day.

Staring at a vacant throne.
Vacant but for you alone.

Disparate person, ruling race.
Once, but soon to be replaced.

Within this ailment lies the cure.
A lesser mind for what’s in store.

Future that’s not yours to chart.
Yours is marked by beating heart.

This you own, this is plain.
It is here you will remain.

You can keep or disavow.
This your present, this your now.

© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.