Sons of Man

A spark, a light in northern sky.
A larger underlying why.

A boy, a mortal, one with sin.
Redeeming qualities therein.

Born unto a blessed mother.
Foretold to be like no other.

Promise, temptation, suffering,
Betrayal that was puzzling.

Faithful masses turned and killed.
Brutally, on whim and will.

Three short years, gone in haste.
Laid to rest, laid to waste.

But was it waste? Where would this lead?
There was still yearning, was still need.

Bearing burdens, bearing death,
Forgiveness in a dying breath.

Son of man, could it be?
A new form of morality.

Deemed a savior, and much more.
Revealed a path, what’s in store.

For ourselves, for our race.
For that which we are to face.

To live, to die, and to be,
To take up burdens willingly.

A Christ within, every soul.
Is that our call, is that our role?

Are we all sons, and redeeming?
Are we more than what we’re seeming?

Could the greatest story of our time,
Be that of yours and of mine?
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.

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