Not Chagrined

Been a long year, but now it’s gone.
A memory, a moving on.

Thresh of beauty, of potential.
Feel of this is consequential.

Minutes, years, context alters.
Firmness slacks, and soon falters.

Time is change and change makes new.
Have not moved but for the view.

Future has become the present.
It feels hopeful, it feels pleasant.

A written word, a tangled phrase.
A thought that sets a heart ablaze.

Mast of mind, mast of being.
Mast of my own’s foreseeing.

The fragile dust in the wind.
Tossed, but not to be chagrined.

Win is win and loss is no more.
All sides gain in tacit wars.

Traject of man, of time and we.
Will to meaning, and will to be.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.