Those years have gone, just like that.
How much changed, how much stayed pat.

The kid, the girl, the school, the place.
The fancy of a pretty face.

From here it seems as but a flash.
How ever did these feelings last?

Unfolding, fleeting, snap of time.
But this moment’s yours and mine.

This thing of ours, one of many.
But just like ours, there aren’t any.

Was this true, was this right?
Too soon for clues or hindsight.

How the puzzle fit together.
Separately, we could never.

This recipe, this little mix.
At times vexatious, at times a fix.

Have better days been left behind?
What is next, I guess we’ll find.

Reasons that we made those vows.
Fondness that still grows somehow.

Til our demise do we parted.
Feeling like we’ve barely started.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.