A wonder, why and a how,
Converge on a purely now.

Wave is crashing on the shore,
Is a piece of so much more.

Backed by mass of all the sea.
Thought of this has captured me.

Come and go as I wonder.
How is this vastness under?

Livening each little bit,
Every part and never split.

Ripples, waves ever in motion.
Yet in stillness is the ocean.

Rises up then disappears.
At once full and then it clears.

Spirals cycle yet go fore.
Waves of time and something more.

Impetus for more life still.
In other ways it can kill.

The ocean’s in every drop.
That little piece can be stopped.

But the rest continues on.
Its essence is never gone.

Reflecting another one.
Nature’s own prodigal son.

Out of the blue, there it goes.
Prints in sand in shape of toes.

© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.