Sea of Grey

Fall into a sea of grey.
Mattering not how I say.

Words not heard for what they mean.
Sights not viewed for what they seem.

As the clouds shift in form.
It’s the change that’s the norm.

Black and white I’m seeking still.
Even they with tinctures nil.

Float and roll on through this plight.
Naught a moon this darkened night.

The cold, the wet, shivered grit.
Tuned in to a raging fit.

Of grizzled beast in the lee.
Deepest fear is chasing me.

Dive and writhe and swim unto.
Seeking but the slightest clue.

Of reason, hope or a sign,
That I haven’t lost my mind.

Then a way I can subsist.
See that none of this exists.

It’s a tale, fiction, story,
Meme in an allegory.

One of another’s making.
One that I can’t be taking.

While a me that I’ve been shown,
It’s not the me that I own.

And just like that, just like these.
Panicked til the moment’s seized.

But who’s that me, can I find?
That figment of another’s mind?

A memory, drifting, gone away.
Mattering not how I say.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.