Destiny of Change

Trillions of cells that make up me.
Act in some form of unity.

With a sense and nonsensical.
Where fruits of mind are plentiful.

Anime of a force and will.
Moving onward ever still.

Toward a what, a why, a how.
Toward a promptly passing now.

River flows beneath our feet.
Destiny for we to meet.

Met it once, but it moved on.
It’s a battle fought and won.

It’s different now than it was,
Different then again, because.

Because it cannot sit and rest.
Because there’s no such thing as best.

What’s the point, what’s the meaning?
Is there more than it’s seeming?

If not, I’ll take my now to heart.
If so, then here I’ll play my part.

Enough now of this platitude.
My fate awaits, with gratitude.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.