Eye of the Storm

Here that we watch, here we relax.
The mid of chaos, in peace and detached.

Swirling around, how fear does flow.
Passing so fast, back soon we know.

Chaotic mind, wall of the storm.
Patterns destroyed, and ruin is norm.

But what this is, can it be revealed?
May we find truth, long been concealed?

Have we been here, once more than frequent?
Does this unrest, unfold in sequence?

Does this rampage, cast seeds of rebirth?
Letting hard truths, of life on Earth.

All that is near, out to the border.
Follows the same, disruptive order.

The markets crashing, mayflies’ emergence.
Coming and going, dropping and surges.

Discerning patterns, that is our game.
Some what once was, will be back again.

Learning to act, or to be patient.
No different from, those times of ancient.

If one plus one, always equals many.
How can we feel, that we don’t have any?

Mind that creates, as much as it kills.
Always a test, of thought and wills.

The sun, these hearts, all in relation.
All products of, a common creation.

© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.