Emperor of the Mind

A rational and moral being.
How these shackles can be freeing.

The obstacle is the way.
From fear, to hope, to come what may.

No better time to awaken,
Than when you’re lost and forsaken.

This liberation from the norms,
Is the freedom found in storms.

“But this world’s gone upside down.
In surging rivers many drown.”

Bring it back to your control.
It’s soothing ointment for the soul.

Dressing up your place of stead,
And not get lost in your head.

In the ailment lies the cure.
Here’s the way you will endure . . .

You have control of your belief.
Therein lies your relief.

It’s just a ruse of the mind,
But so’s the rest, soon you’ll find.

Let their ruse, or ruse you’ll seize.
Die on your feet, not on your knees!

Live just fine through this unrest.
Chaos is but another test.

Within your own you cannot fail.
This is the way we all prevail,

And not succumb to such extreme.
Let this day be what you deem.

© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.