The Individual

Point of pain, and conviction.
Point of love, and decision.

The flame within, every soul.
Makes us separate, also whole.

We’re not in, this together.
We’re alone, but however. . .

We share a world, share a place.
We’re at our best, letting grace.

Allowing one, to emerge.
From potential, from the verge.

In some balance, given chance.
It’s the way, we all advance. . .

Brink of peace, of creation.
Placement of, new foundations.

Upon which fights, will be fought.
Where destiny, will be wrought

From a way, in you and me.
Base of life, is to be free. . .

With a whisper, from a void.
Cannot help, but be deployed.

In the now, or much later.
The firm will, of a creator.

Have convictions, disagree.
But honor this, let it be. . .

A rising in, the tragic fall.
A golden thread, that binds us all.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.