Alone & Away

Smooth white mountain face.
Views none could replace.

A twisted mind, freezing heart.
Why not take myself a part?

All alone, out of the fray.
Searching for another way.

What are the tales, what is real?
Will who I am be revealed?

Dramas of the rocky grand.
Trees reveal a wind’s command.

The peace resolves all too fast.
And for long it doesn’t last.

Branches cracking in the gust.
Passion for something I must.

But there is not, there is nil.
For my innards have gone still.

Away from that world’s demands.
Who I was soon remands.

It’s lost, dormant, atrophy.
Self-chosen catastrophe.

This seemed fine to sort things out.
Until the pause turns to doubt.

Emptiness making me sick.
Must get back into the thick.

To the action, to the motion.
Entwined in human devotion.

Of love, of feeling, of life.
With hate, pain and so much strife.

The good, the bad in all their glory.
They add meaning to my story.

The self that I came to find.
Reflects from they, all in kind.

How these reflects feed my soul.
As they also take their toll.

A drain of life, a price to pay.
My life is waning anyway.

Resistance fuels my will to living.
A kindness that is unforgiving.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.