A yearning of men to be free.
How did that feeling afflict he?

His truth set those chiefs aghast.
His existence could not last.

A trial would be taking place.
A fatal end he would face.

Gave him a chance to leave town.
That chance would last ‘til sundown.

“You must leave and leave right now.
Those errant ways, you’ll disavow.”

His conscience told him not to run.
His work here was not yet done.

His conscience is what made him strong.
It never once led him wrong.

Pointing now to his demise.
He will not do otherwise.

“It is time to face them down.
I will not run from this town.”

So, he stood fast to meet his fate.
At trial he would infuriate.

Truth was spoken from his heart.
Exposed, those chiefs were torn apart.

A verdict and sen-tence to death.
His head held high through final breath.

Could have run, could have been fine.
But for a calling from inside.

It was a purpose, a will to be.
It would set his spirit free.

A little life made grand and whole.
How these stories stir the soul.
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