Safety & Freedom

It’s much worse than losing life.
Through this reality it is rife.

We’re not meant to comply.
We’re to express and defy.

Shall I be safe, or shall I be free?
A false choice we’ve come to see.

I can be both or I will be none.
These are ends of the same one.

A mode of being, a will to be.
The soul yearns to be free.

To mass among our capita.
Engaging in our practica.

All rights reside within the one.
Unto itself, is each a sun?

Shining out from within.
Atoning for our own sins.

Safety comes from these free minds.
Living as we’re so inclined.

Never long to be denied.
For fate is on freedom’s side.

No fame, fortune or reputation.
But freedom honors its creation.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.