Cycle’s Breaking

We’re trying to make some sense.
Find out why we’re so incensed.

With it all so intertwined.
Feeling now it’s mis-aligned.

It is a sense beyond words.
‘Gainst reality it girds.

Not girding, but a truthing.
Complex, but not confusing.

From the heart to the heavens.
So distant but in presence.

But take a look on the back,
And we can start to unpack.

Dirty features of our crown.
Doesn’t help to shove it down.

It is our means to survive.
It is how some seem to strive,

While others of us falter.
Perception’s left to alter

And what of this perception?
Can that be the conception?

Of a break in this cycle?
Not another disciple.

But a master of our bias.
Let it run, let it be pious.

Not to win, not to lose,
Not give in, but to choose.

Choose the way you will go.
To expand what you know.

To look for a surprise.
To find what might arise.

I am alive, I am aware.
And for man, this is my prayer.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.