Raging River

What a marvel is this raging river.
Supposed taker, but mostly giver.

Giving challenge for you to face.
The takings? Never yours in the first place.

Here well before you came.
Keeps rolling when you’re gone the same.

Some spend days here paddling against.
Cover little ground they are incensed.

Focused low with paddles down.
Never love the sight around.

Inventing bigger, better paddles, or getting more to join their cause.
Defy this current FIRST . . . and THEN we will pause.

They all eventually tire,
what a sight to behold, that burning desire.

That strain and struggle is not of you,
you don’t know what else to do.

Longing for whence you came,
if you reached it, you’d find it’s not the same.

For you came here to evolve.
Matters of reversing the river’s direction are not yours to solve.

Grip not for which way to go.
Find your way within the flow.

That’s how it goes nonetheless.
That’s what we’re here to profess.

You’re here to enjoy the river’s motion.
What you really long for is the ocean.

The place of settling river foam,
That’s where you will find home.

Will for change is just a myth.
Maybe try to just go with.

The river’s here to move you through.
There’s not much else you need to do.

But revel in the thrill of grace,
Soaking all parts of this place.

Direction set for you is clear.
Enjoy the ride and toss the fear.

These are things pondered since birth.
This river is life on Earth.

© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.

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