Without Words

Ruminate and ponder thee.
Breezy whispers, swaying trees.

Reflecting this and that and they.
I cannot find the words to say.

To make some sense, enunciate.
My struggle to articulate.

Got a picture, I’ve got a story.
Not literal or allegory.

But this seeks both, and sight and sound.
Seeks a unity so profound.

It can’t be said, but it’s still true.
The gate, the words, won’t let it through.

A nascent thought, a potential.
A threshold, waiting, reverential.

With some grace, with some patience.
With some ease in nature’s cadence.

The wait for these will far outweigh,
Any words that I could say.

Let’s not resist, let us ponder.
Let’s contemplate all that yonder.

This too will pass like all things do.
My treasured moment here with you.

As the unseen comes to fore.
From what we have, to something more.

© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.

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