Truth & Kindness

No wonder why I was so broken.
Not a word of truth was spoken.

Feelings locked in lingual jails.
Ideas sustained by their fails.

A quest for meaning, does it matter?
As silence quits unending chatter.

The race to label, to define,
Just to soothe a restive mind.

In demand of gentle kindness,
We hid truth in willful blindness.

How could I answer any question,
If they all start in false suggestion?

With such discord underlying,
It’s the truth I was denying.

Could I handle truth be told?
To stand alone and be bold?

Would I lie to keep a friend?
Or offer truth and watch us end?

For the truth offended thee.
As it served to set us free.

Your want for notions to be true,
Is what I wouldn’t give to you.

In deference to something bigger,
I cut the cord, pulled the trigger.

I served up my reality.
I wielded truth’s brutality.

That reality was so loath.
But in time brings all from both.

A little truth, a little kindness,
A little clarity, a little blindness.

We’re all one but for perspective.
Common threads ever defective.

Not soon, but conceivably.
In kind and truth believably.

Despite the hurt, with no strain.
Perhaps, walk on as friends again.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.

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