A drop of water, grain of sand.
A fleeting moment as a man.

The kids are elders and elder’s dust.
The nudge to meet this world unjust.

You’ve been wrong for so long.
In wonder why you don’t belong.

You’ve been wounded from the start.
Yet this faithful beating heart.

There’s nothing new under the sun.
Except for maybe just this one.

It looks the same as all the rest.
In the way it’s been suppressed.

Underlies – to some degree.
A strain that binds you and me.

A unity with the darkness.
On the other side of harshness.

In a world that’s said and done.
This calling forth has just begun.

A warmth walking from the cold.
A derivation from the old.

A song that you’ve heard before.
A key to opening the door.

The way to your fleeting bit.
For a work, a mark, a chit.

May you see how you were blind.
Obstacles that hid your find.

In furtherance of the course.
A revealing of your source.

To set upon that desert rue.
And tossed by winds that ensue.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.

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