The Dance of a Day

A fruited plain, shining sea.
All I need is before me.

Yet the future has me frozen,
Stuck in place, with no motion.

The season seems too far away,
Maybe focus on today?

Find a way to make it through.
Maybe make it special too.

From this morning to the eve,
In this day I will believe.

Walk not through, but rather dance.
Allowing rhythm to advance.

Lightness mingling to the fore.
Revealing of something more.

Knowing how I’d like to go.
Finding ways within the flow.

How and why, I’ll save for later.
Riding waves of my creator.

Day winds down, the curtain calls,
Fiery skies then darkness falls.

There was a plan, but it was loose.
Allowing wonder to produce,

What it will, what it may,
In the dance that lasts a day.

Passions governed by a mind.
Curious of every find.

With excess grace left to borrow.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.

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