Eve of Liberty

Bound by story, not by force,
Allied in nature and due course.

Based upon some common sense.
But how that dims from us whence.

From the storm before the storm.
From the exception to the norm.

From freedom and prosperity,
Happiness, tranquility.

They’re not the norm of our race,
And not the future that we face.

This thing of ours, is poised to fail.
As surely as you will exhale.

Rights to live and rights to be.
These ideas that set men free,

Contain the seeds of our demise.
An open door for what will rise.

The lies we told our yearning hearts,
To silencing our better parts.

Past the cycle’s deepest lessons.
Traded freedom for oppression.

Blamed it on our silenced parts,
And left more yearning in our hearts.

A dark winter falls indeed.
Perhaps this is what we need.

© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.

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