A Flimsy Wall

You never did have a say.
What does it matter, anyway?

One of many, more to come.
All of them, will soon be done.

As will you, they and yours.
What of this could endure?

An impression on a mind.
And from that, what it will find.

A stack of blocks, a flimsy wall.
Despite the flims, it doesn’t fall.

Rigid like those blades of grass,
That flow and grow but never pass.

It bends and sways in the breeze,
Displayed or hidden, if you please.

Endures the madness and the sense,
It’s copious, it’s immense.

Battles fought and feigned and won,
And all that arose therefrom.

Problems that we thought we solved.
The culture and how it evolves.

So here we are, once again.
On a precipice, amen.

The threshold of irreparable.
With brethren once inseparable.

We’re headed now our separate ways.
It flavors our opposing gaze.

Too de-vise to reconcile.
Been this way for quite a while.

We disagree ‘bout what we see.
It’s war then, how it must be.

Wall be built that is our fate.
And through destruction will create.

© 2020 TheRememberings Ltd.

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